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Ikaheng Training and Development

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Ikaheng training and development teaches unemployed and unprivileged South Africans to start their own businesses (SMME development) within their communities that will not only empower those individuals but also stimulates the economic growth of those communities.

Participants are given the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, IT skills, business skills and business start-up tools to enable them to start their own businesses and create employment opportunities for other individuals within their community. As a SETA accredited training provider Ikaheng training and development, with the assistance from government and in accordance with the Skills Development Act and training act, educates and develops the skills of many uneducated and unskilled learners.

Ikaheng is continuously involved in the Apprentices (sec 13) programs and is sure to have a large number of new learners registered on this programs within the adjacent future, resulting in the continuous education and development of the South African workforce. Community involvement ensures that future emerging businesses will enjoy strong local support. It is the responsibility of the community to ensure that a training facility is available. Recruitment and selection of delegates are conducted in co-operation with local community leaders and sponsors, if so required.

Ikaheng adopts a holistic training approach. The needs of a community as a whole are analyzed and skills training tailored according to the requirements of the community. The objective is to create a hub of niche enterprises that co-exist to the advantage of the community.