TribeOne Festival: Tshwane mayor still confident of recovering R25m

The City of Tshwane and its mayor, Kgosientso Ramokgopa, are confident the council will recoup the R25 million paid to the organisers of the TribeOne Festival which was supposed to kick off today.

But the city will likely have to fight for its money because event managers say they don’t owe the city a cent.

The organisers pulled out last week claiming the Dinokeng site near Cullinan was not ready.

Yesterday the High Court in Pretoria struck off the roll the city’s urgent application to challenge the cancellation.


The city’s Selby Bokaba has accused the event organisers of cancelling the event for the wrong reasons.


“They are being disingenuous. They’re playing this [public relations] campaign which is based on nothing but lies.”

But Derrick Kauffman, a lawyer representing one of the organisers Sony Entertainment, says the cancellation was valid.

“If we are successful in alleging the city’s repudiation was indeed repudiation and the cancellation was valid, then they lose the ability to claim back the money.”

After the matter was struck off the roll yesterday, Kauffman said this was a great victory.

“We were vindicated. The judge struck the matter from the roll by ruling there was no urgency for the application to be heard.”

He added that the judge ruled costs were reserved which means the two parties will return in a fortnight and argue who will bear the costs of the application.



Ramokgopa says they took the organisers to court to ensure the city’s reputation was not dragged through the mud.

“The only reason we went to court was to protect ourselves. It’s a reputation issue. The face of the concert might be TribeOne, but it’s the ultimately the City of Tshwane.”


He said plans are being put into place for the concert to take place at a later date.

The mayor denied the city failed to build the necessary infrastructure for the festival and has blamed organisers for failing to sell enough tickets.

City officials remain adamant the venue was ready, but organisers Sony Entertainment and TribeOne say their assessment showed it was not safe for the three-day event.

The festival, which would have seen performances by 130 local and international artists, including Nicki Minaj and J Cole, was cancelled last week after Sony Music Entertainment Africa pulled out.


Ramokgopa said organisers estimated that 100,000 people would attend, but only about 3,000 tickets were sold by the third month.

He said the organisers themselves approved the venue.

“We received a presentation from the organisers themselves, not from our team, which confirmed that they were satisfied and also to share with us how far they were with regard to the sales of the tickets.”

An estimated R65 million has been spent for the cancelled event, but Ramokgopa said the council was still planning to stage the event soon.

“The case with regard to a concert of this magnitude in this area remains pending. We are proceeding with it.”


Source: Eye Witness News

Top Five Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein

The City of Roses, as Bloemfontein is commonly known, not only makes it the perfect stop over but the ideal holiday destination too. These are the six most popular tourist attractions in Bloemfontein.

1. Cheetah Experience
One of the most popular tourist attractions, The Cheetah Experience is a definite must visit for big cat lovers. The centre’s main focus is the conservation and breeding of the cheetah however it also serves as a sanctuary for other wild cat species such as lions, tigers, leopards, servals and caracals. Not only will you learn about the big cats but you’ll also be able to physically interact with certain animals at the centre.

2. Oliewenhuis Art Museum
The Oliewenhuis Art Museum, one of the youngest art museums in South Africa, can be found in one of Bloemfontein’s most scenic gardens. The 1941 Neo-Dutch style mansion was used by King George as his residence in 1947 before being converted into an art museum in 1985. Perhaps one of the most recognized tourist attractions, it houses a permanent collection of South African art pieces and regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.

3. Anglo Boer War Museum
Bloemfontein’s Anglo Boer War Museum is one of the city’s best run tourist attractions. The museum boasts numerous artefacts from the famous South African war and a recreation of scenes from local landscapes. Visitors will be happy to find a knowledgeable and passionate narrator ready to give an informative tour as well as answer their questions.

4. National Museum
Museums always make for great tourist attractions and as expected the National Museum does not disappoint with their fascinating exhibitions, fossils and reminders of an olden day Bloemfontein. Established in 1877, the National Museum can best be described as a natural, cultural and art history museum and is home to some of the country’s most extensive collections of fossils and archaeological artefacts including the Florisbad skull.

5. Free State National Botanical Garden
This beautiful and colourful landscaped garden on Bloemfontein’s outskirts allows tourists to experience nature. Nature walks allow tourists to engage with the guides while moonlight walks provide a different fauna and flora experience. This tourist attraction is a 70 hectare garden with 400 species of plants, 144 species of bird, 54 species of reptile, and about 32 species of mammal.

Sport and adventure travel- breaking out of your comfort zone

Everyone has a different idea about the perfect holiday. For some, it involves little more than lying on a beach, sipping a cocktail and reading a good book. For others, it involves challenging themselves, seeking the next adrenaline rush and exploring the ultimate adventure. Sport and adventure holidays are growing in popularity and therefore it would make sense to find the best sport and adventure holidays available around the world.

According to Forbes Magazine, the Adventure Travel Development Index (ATDI) defines adventure travel as “interaction with nature, interaction with culture and physical activity – at least two and preferably all three of these in the same trip.” After researching 315 tour operators, travel writers, tourism officials and hospitality industry experts and ranking countries on 10 factors, including sustainable development, safety and security, natural resources and infrastructure, they came up with the following list:

#10 – Latvia

This tiny country has made it onto the list thanks to its 350 miles of coastline, dense forests and the Latvian Open-Air Ethnographic museum in Riga – one of Europe’s oldest and largest museums.

#9 – Romania

Sport and adventure tourism is giving Romania a much needed economic injection. Visitors come to camp and hike in the Carpathian Mountains, seek solace in the Painted Monasteries of northern Moldovia and explore the Danube delta with its 2 200 square miles of canals, marshes, lakes and islands.

#8 – Jordan

Undoubtedly the main reason for visiting Jordan would be the city of Petra, carved entirely out of a stone canyon in the southern desert. It is estimated to have been built in the 6th century BC by an ancient Arab civilization. Nature lovers can explore the reserves comprised of gorges and desert lowlands, including the world’s lowest reserve at Mujib (410 meters below sea level).

#7 – Slovenia

Formerly part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia stretches from the Alps to the Mediterranean. It is a Mecca for lovers of sport and adventure, with hiking, cycling and various water sports on offer. The country also sits atop some 8 000 caves, which is best explored by hiring a guide.

#6 – Bulgaria

Snow-skiing, hiking and climbing … mountainous Bulgaria has it all. The country also hosts a 1 200 km endurance bike race through the mountains. Tourists seeking a little bit of culture will no doubt lose themselves in historical artifacts from as far back as the Thracians and Romans.

#5 – Czech Republic

The Czech capital, Prague, has long been a favourite of travellers the world over. However, there is much more to this beautiful country than its sophisticated capital. Highlights include downhill and cross-country skiing, nature reserves and wineries in the Moravian region. Cesky Krumlov in South Bohemia is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is famous for its architecture and castle.

#4 – Estonia

Estonia is a tiny, low-lying country on the Baltic Sea. Nearly 50% of the country is forested with gorgeous hiking trails, marshes, lakes and rivers in national parks and campsites. Along the coast are many secluded beaches, limestone cliffs and more than 1 500 islands. Truly a nature-lover’s paradise.

#3 – Chile

A long, narrow country, Chile is abundant in natural resources and features a variety of landscapes; from the high Atacama desert to the famous fjords, mountains and lakes of Patagonia, home of the Torres del Paine National Park.

#2 – Slovakia

Slovakia, the other half of the former Czechoslovakia, scores high in tourism infrastructure, health and hygiene. It’s tourism slogan – Little Big Country – refers to the Carpathian Mountains in the country’s north.

#1 – Israel

It might not be the first country that comes to mind when planning a sport and adventure holiday, but Israel is a top destination for adventure travelers. Outdoor activities include hiking Masada and the Galilee, floating on the salt water of the Dead Sea and water sports on the beaches of Tel Aviv.

Next time you are planning a holiday, break out of your comfort zone and explore the many options that sport and adventure travel offers.

Sony to end FIFA sponsorship contract: report

Sony will not renew a multi-million-dollar sponsorship contract with FIFA, reports said on Tuesday, as the money-losing firm undergoes a painful restructuring and football’s governing remains embroiled in controversy…

Japan’s leading Nikkei business daily said the eight-year, Y33bn ($280m) contract, which expires this year, would not be re-negotiated owing to worries that a new deal would be even more costly.

South Korea’s Samsung is rumoured to be Sony’s successor in the FIFA sponsorship, the Nikkei said in its report, which did not cite sources.

“Our company wants to refrain from commenting,” a Sony spokeswoman said in response to the Nikkei report.

National broadcaster NHK, along with other Japanese media, later said Sony has decided not to renew the contract due to cost.

The reports come as FIFA’s leadership faces a string of corruption allegations, including questions over the bidding for the 2018 tournament in Russia and the 2022 event in Qatar.

Earlier this month, Dubai-based airline Emirates decided to end its sponsorship agreement with FIFA, marking a big blow to the embattled organisation.

Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai and Visa are among FIFA’s other major sponsors.

Sony has been an official sponsor of football’s global governing body at more than 40 tournaments, including the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and this year in Brazil.

The struggling firm is looking to slash costs after warning last month that its net loss for the April-September period ballooned to nearly $1bn.


OFM journalist scoops prestigious national award

OFM senior journalist, Christal-Lize Muller, has won the prestigious national Vodacom Journalist of the Year award for her radio feature on the trials of the Korkie family. The former teacher from Bloemfontein, Pierre Korkie, was taken hostage 17 months ago in Yemen and his family has since been waiting for his release.
Christal-Lize Muller - OFM Radio
Christal-Lize Muller

Christal-Lize conducted an exclusive interview with Pierre’s wife Yolandé, making the best use of her journalistic skills. The interview has not only netted her one of the most sought-after journalistic awards in the country, but also a well-deserved R10,000 prize.

“It’s a wonderful feeling! It’s only hard work that is now being rewarded; support from colleagues, endurance and working long evenings talking to sources. I should also mention Imtiaz Sooliman from Gift of the Givers, who keeps us up to date with Pierre Korkie’s situation. This is a huge honour and I am thrilled to bring back the award to Bloemfontein and to OFM in particular,” says Christal-Lize.

Christal-Lize started her career as a journalist at the Potch Herald community newspaper almost a decade ago. From Potchefstroom she went to Mpumlanga where she worked as a television and radio journalist for the SABC, before trading her journalistic career for a corporate one. After working as communication officer for Anglo Platinum and PRO for an auction company in Cape Town, she returned to Bloemfontein to pursue her first love, journalism. After two years at Volksblad, she joined OFM as senior journalist.

Says General Manager Nick Efstathiou: “We are all extremely proud of Christal-Lize. Her hard work and dedication has yielded rewards and we share her joy. We look forward to many more high quality news stories from this enthusiastic and driven journalist.”

The Vodacom Journalist of the Year award seeks to acknowledge journalists who have shown exceptional commitment to reporting excellence across media platforms.


Luminance is Free

Businesswoman Judy Dlamini has taken over the debt owed by luxury Hyde Park store Luminance to the National Empowerment Fund (NEF).


She said on Friday she has, “through my private company, acquired all of the outstanding debt associated with the Luminance transaction from the NEF”.


“I have done this as a businesswoman who believes she can position the venture for growth in the South African fashion retail sector.” It is unclear how much debt was outstanding. The NEF lent Luminance R34.1 million, but said some of the debt had been paid.


Dlamini would not answer specific questions, saying “Luminance, as a private company, will not engage further in internal business details that do not involve people who are not shareholders”.


Luminance is owned by Ndalo Luxury Ventures, which is 65% owned by Khanyi and Venetia Dhlomo. Nonduna Investments, which is the Dlamini’s family investment vehicle, owns 15%.


Dlamini did not say which company had acquired the debt, nor did she answer questions about whether this meant she would become a bigger shareholder in Luminance.


Dlamini also sits on the boards of Anglo American and Aspen.



Source: City Press

Leisure time - How do we spend it?

Leisure time, also spare time or free time, can be defined as time that is free from duties and responsibilities. With today’s high-paced lifestyle and most of us having to juggle work, family and many other responsibilities, it seems that there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Leisure time is usually the first to go.

However, it is extremely important that we make time to step away from our responsibilities and the things that constantly demand our attention every once in a while. Why is it important?

Firstly, leisure time gives you an opportunity to focus on yourself. We are usually so focused on giving to others and looking after their needs that we forget about ourselves. When we take time for ourselves though, we have an opportunity to reconnect with what makes us happy. It gives us the balance needed to deal with all the other non-leisure activities.

Secondly, it provides relief from the ever present stressors in our lives. Stress is a huge energy sapper and has a damaging effect on the body. Leisure time promotes better emotional and physical health and ultimately enables us to perform better when it matters.

Finally, it can expand our horizons. Many leisure activities, such as joining a club, volunteering or pursuing a hobby, will introduce you to new people and experiences. You will learn new things and gain valuable insights.

It’s up to you how you spend your leisure time. However, don’t make it another item on your to do-list. It should be something that you enjoy and look forward to. Following are some suggestions on how you could disengage from your everyday responsibilities:

  • Volunteer

Volunteering brings enormous benefits to yourself and to others. It is a hugely fulfilling way to give back to the community and gives you an opportunity to focus on something you truly believe in. Some ideas for volunteering include helping in a soup kitchen, working at an animal shelter, making your skills available to a charity or other non-profit organisation, or joining a conservation crew.

  • Learn something new

Whether it is a foreign language, playing an instrument, cooking or even ballroom dancing, learning a new skill is a very rewarding past-time. It not only allows you to indulge in your passion, but gaining a new skill could even improve your career prospects.

  • Indulge in a hobby

Hobbies give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve skills and be focused. Anyone who has ever been engrossed in building a puzzle or a model of some sort, or creating something with their hands will know how time flies when you’re focused on your project.

  • Cultivate spirituality

Spirituality should not be confused with religion, although both ultimately serve the same purpose: to reflect, unwind, think about the bigger picture and life’s purpose. Being spiritual is part of being human and is an aspect of our lives which should never be neglected.

Kids Entertainment: Fun during the holidays

Holidays can be nightmares for both moms and kids alike. The initial thrill of not having to go to school quickly fades and those dreaded words “I’m bored” becomes the holiday mantra.

However, with a little bit of creativity and a lot of enthusiasm, entertainment for kids could be as entertaining for the rest of the household.

  1. Get them baking

Baking is something both boys and girls can enjoy. There are lots of simple recipes for them to try, which don’t necessarily have to include the oven or sharp knives. They could also try making their own meals – breakfast or lunch are both good options. Let them experiment with creating their own sandwich fillings, jazzing up their breakfast cereal with fresh and dried fruits, yoghurt or seeds, or coming up with interesting pancake fillings. In addition to the entertainment value, they will also learn about good nutrition.

  1. Blowing bubbles

Make your own bubble blowing mixture by mixing half a cup of dish-washing liquid, five cups of water (distilled is best) and two tablespoons of glycerine. Pour into storage containers and leave overnight to blend. Loop some wire (garden wire is perfectly fine) into home-made bubble wands. Pipe cleaners work too, but can get soggy.

  1. Release your child’s inner hippy

Tie-dying is fun and can give old clothes a new lease on life. It’s also a great way to keep kids entertained. Gather up, fold and tie a T-shirt, or other item of clothing with rubber bands or string and leave to soak in fabric dye. Kids will love the fact that they have “created” their own clothes, plus the entertainment value once the new item is revealed in all its glory is pretty high.

  1. Go camping

If the idea of exchanging your comfortable bed for a sleeping bag on the ground leaves you in a cold sweat, why not just leave the camping to the kids? Gather lots of old blankets, sheets and pillows and let them build a tent or fort outside in the garden. Pack them a fun, nutritious picnic and they are guaranteed to be outside for most of the day.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Hide a few odd and interesting items around the house and garden. Write down clues to help them find the items. If they find all the items, they win a prize! Keep children’s ages and abilities in mind when writing clues and hiding items.

  1. Put on a play

Help your kids think of a few ideas for a play (acting out a favourite story is always popular) and let them discover their thespian side. Provide clothes for dressing up in and a few props and let the fun begin!

  1. Fun and games

Don’t underestimate the entertainment value of good old-fashioned card and board games. Teach your kids the card games that you loved as a child, or get the whole family involved in one of the many fun board games around.

  1. A learning experience

Spending a rainy day in one of South Africa’s many fascinating museums and science centres will not only entertain kids, but will no doubt be a valuable learning experience as well. Some of the best include the South African National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg, McGregor Museum in Kimberley, the National Museum in Bloemfontein, the Two Oceans Aquarium and Cape Town Science Centre in Cape Town.

  1. A puzzling experience

Puzzles are a great way to keep children entertained. There are a huge range of puzzles to choose from; from the traditional picture puzzles, to word puzzles, math puzzles and crossword puzzles. Apart from the fun factor, it will also be a great brain workout.

  1. Catch a movie

A funny movie with a big bowl of popcorn will always score high on the entertainment chart. Let your children bring a friend and maybe give another mom a break and a little time for herself.

Khuli Chana Institutes R2.3 million Claim Against Police

The South African police ministry has confirmed that Minister Nathi Nhleko is facing a lawsuit by hip hop musician Khuli Chana, real name Khulane Morule.

According to The Star newspaper Chana is seeking a total of R2.3 million in three claims related to his case against two police officers accused of shooting the 32 year old Chana at a petrol station.

The officers, Mduduzi Mfundisi Nzuza and Sam Baloyi, allegedly shot at the multi award winning musician’s car when he failed to stop at a roadblock they had set up at Midrand petrol station.


Police had been searching for a group of men accused of kidnapping a Bedfordview businessman at the time of the shooting. The random money was to have been left at the petrol station. It is alleged that the police officers mistook Chana’s car for that of the kidnappers and opened fire when he failed to stop his car. The shooting which took place in October last year resulted in Chana suffering injuries to his hand and back.

According to The Star, Chana’s R1.5 million first claim is for the unlawful shooting which the musician says left him with “permanent scarring and disfigurement”, emotional trauma, psychological stress and shock, future medical expenses, and future loss of earning capacity. The second claim of R516 638 is for “maliciously” claiming he “tried to kill them with his motor vehicle” and instituting an attempted murder case against him. The musician’s final claim of R250 000 is for statements made by a police spokesman accusing Chana of criminal conduct for attempting to kill police. Chana claims these statements both defamed him and caused damage to his reputation.