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Digital Platforms

Blog Design

A web log can best be described as an interactive site made up of a number of entries about various topics. Web blogging is one of the fast growing social media and is also called a shared online journal. Blogs provide opportunities for bloggers to form relationships as well as learn, share ideas and do business with individuals with shared interests. Each blogger will have their own individual login, in order to comment on the blog. Digital Platforms can tailor make a blog to meet your needs or interests.

Website Design & Development

Do you need a website to represent your company? Then you are at the right place. Digital Platforms will create the look and feel of your website as well as programme and code your website based on your business needs Development

Do not spend money on offline programs that do not suit your needs 100%. We have the skills to develop web-based applications, databases, management systems, etc.

• Custom build to your needs
• Easy accessible by all staff, through desktop or mobile devices
• Fully responsive front end and CMS
• Share information and data
• Access levels to different staff members

Search Engine Optimization

This is perhaps one of the biggest mysteries of the web. How do I get my website to rank on Google’s top spot? Well it’s a fact, content is king… no one can argue with that. The Digital Platforms team will help you achieve a better ranking in search engine results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the fastest growing online marketing strategies. It’s also an efficient marketing method to link your website/business with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in order to reach more people and generate traffic to your website. This is the effective way of making your brand part of society.

E-Commerce Development

Electronic commerce, or E-commerce for short, generally refers to the online trading of products or services. In simple terms, an e-commerce website is just like a normal website, except this type of website allows you to do business on your website. Additionally, e-commerce websites allow its customers to complete transactions online without ever having to handle any cash as clients will use their credit cards to make purchases. This is a very advanced way of doing business and you should have a very strong brand in order to pull this off.

Website Hosting

If you have a business you need a website and in order to have a website you need hosting. This type of service allows you to make your website accessible to the public. Hosting entails registering the name of your website and storing all your website data on one big computer called a server. Your website on the server is called a domain and with a domain you also get domain email addresses, Digital Platforms will create a domain (such as as well as relevant domain email addresses (such as

Logo Design & Branding

A logo serves as both the corporate identity and brand of a business which together with branding form the perceived image of your company. We are able to design your company logo as well as additional visual devices lending to your company’s image. These include:

Marketing Material (flyers, posters, brochures)
Stationary (letterhead, business cards)