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CURRO Independent School Bloemfontein

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07:30 - 15:30
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Independent school. Group 4 (3-4 year old) up to Grade 12. Thus: Nursery school, Primary school and High school. We are writing the IEB exam. Following CAPS curriculum, enhanced by our own CCEE department. Doing Duplo blocks in Nursery school, Robotics in Primary school (from grade R) and focussing on 21st Century Teaching and Learning, innovative thinking, flipped class room. Working on tablets from grade 4 to grade 12. Levelled reading in Primary school.Enhanced Science, Technology and Mathematics.

Sports: Tennis, Soccer, Netball, Rugby, Cricket and Hockey. Individual sports like dancing and horse riding.

 Culture: Chess, drama, Acapella.

CURRO Independent School Bloemfontein Podcast 30 Oct 2015 (06:29)