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The City of Roses, as Bloemfontein is commonly known, not only makes it the perfect stop over but the ideal holiday destination too. These are the six most popular tourist attractions in Bloemfontein.

1. Cheetah Experience
One of the most popular tourist attractions, The Cheetah Experience is a definite must visit for big cat lovers. The centre’s main focus is the conservation and breeding of the cheetah however it also serves as a sanctuary for other wild cat species such as lions, tigers, leopards, servals and caracals. Not only will you learn about the big cats but you’ll also be able to physically interact with certain animals at the centre.

2. Oliewenhuis Art Museum
The Oliewenhuis Art Museum, one of the youngest art museums in South Africa, can be found in one of Bloemfontein’s most scenic gardens. The 1941 Neo-Dutch style mansion was used by King George as his residence in 1947 before being converted into an art museum in 1985. Perhaps one of the most recognized tourist attractions, it houses a permanent collection of South African art pieces and regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.

3. Anglo Boer War Museum
Bloemfontein’s Anglo Boer War Museum is one of the city’s best run tourist attractions. The museum boasts numerous artefacts from the famous South African war and a recreation of scenes from local landscapes. Visitors will be happy to find a knowledgeable and passionate narrator ready to give an informative tour as well as answer their questions.

4. National Museum
Museums always make for great tourist attractions and as expected the National Museum does not disappoint with their fascinating exhibitions, fossils and reminders of an olden day Bloemfontein. Established in 1877, the National Museum can best be described as a natural, cultural and art history museum and is home to some of the country’s most extensive collections of fossils and archaeological artefacts including the Florisbad skull.

5. Free State National Botanical Garden
This beautiful and colourful landscaped garden on Bloemfontein’s outskirts allows tourists to experience nature. Nature walks allow tourists to engage with the guides while moonlight walks provide a different fauna and flora experience. This tourist attraction is a 70 hectare garden with 400 species of plants, 144 species of bird, 54 species of reptile, and about 32 species of mammal.

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