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The purpose of Samba is to negotiate as many benefits as possible for its members. Except for the cash that members earn on purchases from contracted suppliers, there are other benefits like

  • Personal loans at competitive rates (after one year of membership)
  • Motor vehicle finance at competitive rates (after one year of membership)
  • Budget accounts at competitive rates (after one year of membership)
  • Bonus on your short-term insurance premium as endorsed by Santam and Mutual & Federal.
  • Funeral policy and life cover.
  • Members’ provident fund where you provide for your account and earn up to 6.5% interest per annum on your funds.
  • You do not pay any transaction fees, interest or levies using your card for purchases.
  • You receive up to 45 days of interest-free credit, as your purchases are only payable on the fifth day of the month following the month in which your purchases were made.
  • A safe and convenient way of shopping.
  • You receive one monthly account with all your purchases and in this way you can easily manage your monthly budget.
  • Register on our website for daily access to your purchases, online statements and much more.

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