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Babyproof your home to help keep your baby safe. Accidents do happen, but there are a lot you can do to try and minimize these accidents.

If you have stairs, babyproof it by installing a safety gate at the top and bottom. Parents often think installing at just one end is good enough.

Keep electrical appliances unplugged or at least out of reach when you are done using them. It not only creates an electrical hazard, but can also fall on your baby if they pull on the cord. Speaking of cords, tie up long electrical cords. This will keep it out of their way when they go on a crawl expedition and prevent them from tripping over them or pulling on them.

Babies love placing things in their mouth’s as this is the way they get familiar with the world around them. Babyproof tip is to always check the floor or low places for any small objects a child can get hold of and swallow. Not only will it be a choking hazard but items may have germs and potential viruses.

Another thing babies love is sticking their fingers into holes and electrical sockets may look like fun. Install babyproof covers on all your electrical outlets to prevent any harm coming to your bundle of curious joy.

Your baby can’t read and a big warning sign on a bottle does not mean anything to them. Keep cleaning supplies or poisonous liquids in a high cupboard and locked away. This also holds true for medicines. Because it’s a medicine or vitamin does not mean it won’t harm your baby. Recommended doses for babies are much lower than for children or adults. So swallowing too much of a medicine can harm your baby. Buy babyproof locks for any cabinets containing potential dangerous objects. This includes cabinets for glassware, cookware, silverware etc.

When working with a stove, use the back burners when possible and always turn your pot handles inward. When they get adventurous they will stand up against anything and a hot stove is not a good idea, so always know where your baby is and guide him/her away from the stove.

A swimming pool poses an obvious threat, but water indoors can also be dangerous. Never leave water standing in a bath, sink or bucket. A baby can drown in just a small amount of water. Never leave your baby unattended in a bath or basin, even for a second. If for any reason your baby gets access to a hot water tap, prevent possible scolding by turning down the heat on your geyser.

Babyproof your home and take some of the anxiety out of parenting.

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