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    Crisis on Call

    Crisis on Call is ‘n mediese identifikasie maatskappy wat fokus om die pasiënt wat ‘n lid is van Crisis Call te kan identifiseer in ‘n nood situasie waar hy/sy nie self kan praat nie.  Ons Alpha pakket sluit in Identifikasie, Reismonitering, Gratis ambulansdiens (pad/lug), Regsadvies, Trauma berading, Mediese advies en so meer. crisis-on-call-final crisis-on-call-3-final   […]

    624 Makou St., Monumentpark, Pretoria
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    Corona Hospitaal

    GOAL Our goal is to enhance and improve the quality of life for each patient and to provide support for the family. VISION Our Vision is to shape the future of Corona Hospital, a step down facility, through continuous and quality nursing care. The hospital must be known as a world class patient orientated facility. […]

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    In 1995, CityMed Day Hospital in Bloemfontein was established. Its vision was to make private health care more affordable and therefore more accessible to more South Africans. The cost of private health care in South Africa is rising and shows no sign of decreasing anytime soon. Medical inflation also plays a role in spiralling health […]

    1st Floor, Preller Plein Shopping Centre, Bloemfontein
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    Chemco SA

    The chemical experts Chemicals Our factory, in Bloemfontein, South Africa, manufactures a wide range of chemicals and compounds that are used in many industries and applications, ranging from industrial, hygenic, health care, hospitality and household. Brushware Chemco SA also supply brushware products that we source both locally and overseas. Our experience, expertise and resources allow […]

    4 Henri Van Rooije St, Bloemfontein, 9300
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    Bestmed Bloemfontein

    BestMed – An all-inclusive medical care package is always the best healthcare policy, and with the Bestmed Medical Aid, the services gained are exemplary and the best. South Africa is considered as one of the few nations in the global arena that has quite a lucrative healthcare system. Bestmed Medical Aid continues to be one […]