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Where to eat, when there are thousands of options!

Eat Out has so many recommendations, the mind boggles. You will most definitely not be able to dine at each of the wealth of world-class restaurants, bars and cafés lining South Africa’s streets.

The decision where to eat becomes a trifle easier when you know whether you’re in the mood for say Asian, Indian, Italian, or Portuguese food.

However, choices of where to eat, remain tough.

If you enjoy dining with ‘chopsticks’ you have dozens of exotic-sounding restaurants to choose from”: Lai Lai, Li Kou Fu, Sai Thai, Yamato, Padbok Thai, Wing Hin, Nagoya, Shangai, Daruma, and Greedy Buddha, to name but a few.

If it’s Indian food you’re after, the list rolls just as warmly from the tongue: Little India, Vintage India, Curry Okies, Jeera, Jewel of India, Amaravathi Palki, House of Curries, Jaipur Palace, and also Some like it hot.

When you’re planning a romantic dinner, refined French cuisine will often dictate where to eat. There is however another cuisine steeped in love and this, according to Eat Out has to be Italian. “Who doesn’t adore spaghetti messily twisted around a fork, lovingly folded parcels of ravioli, and stretchy, hot, pizza cheese sticking to your chin? How about honest, handmade pasta, and sun-warmed ingredients like tomatoes and herbs? Not forgetting the robust red vino. Italian food is generous, rich and it warms the heart and soul.”

And again, in South Africa we’re spoilt for choice. In Johannesburg alone there is 86 Public, Amarcord Osteria Italiana, Assaggi, The Ant Café, Café Del Sol, Casalinga Ristorante, Ciao Baby Cucina, Franco’s Pizzeria and Trattoria, Da Graziella Pizzeria and Trattoria, and at Montecasino you can dine at La Scala.

It’s possibly not as popular as French or Italian, but a Portuguese restaurant is a fantastic choice when you’re next wondering where to eat. Its fiery flavours found in chilli peppers, lemon, black pepper, saffron, coriander, olive oil and garlic make for a wonderful gustatory experience. Restaurants across the country recommended by Eat Out include Adega, Casa Valdez, Pigalle, Peri Peri De Mocambique, LM in the East, Catemba, Beira Alta, Casa da Galinha, and A Churrasqywira.

So in conclusion, where to eat, when there are thousands of available options, remains a question difficult to answer. It is however a privileged journey, one that the true foodie is just too grateful for.

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