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Fall protection for the construction industry

Protect-in are manufactures of fall protection for the construction industry. Our fall protection comes in the form of barricade fencing also known as barrier fencing. The fall protection has excellent properties including the ability to withstand an impact and lateral force resistance of more than 1200kg. This impact force resistance is certainly enough to protect workers on a construction site. The Protect-in fall protection barrier fences are adjustable, flexible and allow different modulations. The flexibility of the fall protection means it is possible to adjust the barriers to fit difficult angles.
Easy assembly of fall protection

The easy assembly of our fall protection means there is a lot of time saved when it comes to protecting the workers on the construction site. As we all know time is money, particularly in construction, where running costs are high. The Protect-in fall protection is constructed of high resistance to impact material and it is constructed of extremely light textile and it is easy to store,and the fences are printable meaning you can showcase your company logo, or and site safety rules at your construction site.

Safety equipment in the construction industry is essential not only for keeping workers safe but also for keeping the public safe if construction is taking place in a busy place such as a city centre. The consequences of not adhering to safety rules and not protecting workers and the general public do not bear thinking about. It should always be “safety first” in the construction industry.

Distributors are wanted across all areas in South Africa

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