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When you think of an event you don’t usually think of a wedding, but a wedding is an event. When you are planning a wedding event and you are reading this article, you are probably planning it for the first time.

A wedding event is one the biggest events you will plan. If you are like me not a wedding planner this would most probably be the first time you need to plan a wedding event. Where do we start, what do we need, what needs to happen and when? These are some of the questions that will come up when you are trying to plan a wedding event.

You’ll most probably think the dress is the place to start, but it is actually not, even though it is important. Start at the beginning, who are we going to invite? The best guideline we used was not inviting anyone that hasn’t made contact with us within the last six months. This may be the list that will cause the most stress in your relationship. Keep that in mind when talking about this with your partner.

Now that is done, get a venue and start with a list of everything you are going to need. Make a wedding event board on Pinterest and start pinning everything you want to use for your wedding event. Start to think about people who are going to help you make these things. Always remember that you as the bride do not want to stress more than you have to, get reliable people.

It is very important to pace yourself in the process of planning a wedding event as it will most probably be the most exciting thing you have planned until now. Take the list of things you want to use or make for your big day and start making time lines, without cutting off your throat.

Planning a wedding event you will be under pressure and there will be goals you will have to meet. Stay calm in every situation, do not become bride-zilla and mess up years’ worth of friendship, because of one event. You have the right to a say, but the way you say it will make a huge difference. Happy wedding event planning!

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