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Everything is organised and you know exactly what goes where. Now your mind is playing tricks on you, you forgot this, or you should remember this. You are starting to get a little anxious with all the excitement.

You need a last minute check list to keep yourself sane and keep everything you worked so hard for together. You shouldn’t feel bad if you double check everything if you ask the same people the same questions more than once.

First you need to double check whom needs to be paid. You don’t want to stand in front of the altar still wondering who needs to be paid. This will also help to keep your wedding budget accurate.

With that in mind make sure that your vendors know exactly what to deliver where. Never assume that they will know where you want things be delivered. You can also get someone to help you organise this, this will take the pressure of off you.

Make a very specific list of what you want to take on honeymoon. Pack your bags a few days before and then you don’t have to worry about them. Ask your love to give you some tips for what type of clothes to pack. Try to mix and match then you don’t have to pack a lot of stuff.

Last minute checklist also in tale that you double all the wedding items that needs be taken to the venue on the day. Get a trusted friend or bridesmaid to help you getting to things to and from the church and venue.

Name the tunes you want to hear at the reception.

Talk to your photographer and videographer to make sure they know exactly what look and feel you want. See them together if you have both. This will make them comfortable working together. You can also make a schedule to make sure that everyone knows exactly what will happen and when.

Plan a day where you go through everything. Schedule a rehearsal to make sure everything will go down smoothly on the day.

When you have double check your last minute checklist, get someone who trust to go through everything with you. This way you will eliminate any mishaps.

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