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Zuné Coetzer Debt Counsellors

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Debt Counselling is a process that helps consumers who cannot afford to pay their normal monthly debts, while protecting them under the National Credit Act. Debt Counselling is not a free holiday from paying your debt, but rather a more structured way to help consumers pay their debt, while still being able to have money for necessary living expenses. This needs to be done in a fair and reasonable manner both towards the consumer and the credit provider. Debt Counselling is for consumers who are employed, who have integrity to pay their creditors on a monthly basis and who have a desire to help themselves get out of their financial stress.

Our Logo is a flower with a pearl in the centre of its petals. This symbolizes that we protect our client’s credibility (which is portrayed as a precious pearl) with our professional knowledge and service (which is portrayed by the green petals enfolding the pearl). The reason I use my name as a trading name, is because I am the brand of my business. NCR Registration Certificate