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Virbac RSA (Pty)Ltd.

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Virbac is a leading supplier of veterinary medicines and related products. The company operates from its own manufacturing plant and office complex near Midrand, Gauteng.

A number of Virbac’s existing products, such as anthelmintics and ectoparasiticides, are manufactured at the new manufacturing plant. All other products under the Virbac trademark are packaged locally.

Virbac’s manufacturing and packaging processes are of the highest standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – as is required locally and internationally. The opening of the new plant brings South Africa to the foreground as one of only seven countries where the international mother company has established production sites.

Virbac was established in 1968 in France. From the very beginning it has experienced phenomenal growth. Virbac is at present in 25 countries, while their products are distributed in more than 100 countries. This company is one of the top ten animal health companies in the world. Its is also the only one, under the top 20 manufacturers of animal health products, that is 100% dedicated to animal health.

One of Virbac’s most important breakthroughs in research and development work has been in the area of vaccine production. As a leading pioneer of new technology, this company has been the first to produce a genetically modified (manipulated) vaccine against retrovirus. Other firsts were an oral vaccine for jackals against Rabies, a vaccine for cats against feline leukemia and a vaccine for dogs against the deadly parvovirus.

Animal products make up a large part of most South Africans daily diet. To supply a healthy product, the producer has to have healthy animals. Since its existence, Virbac has concentrated on supplying only the best service and to produce animal health products that help keep animals disease free.

This does not only include production animal products, but also products for pets and other animals e.g. horses, rodents and even fish, birds and reptiles, will in time be launched.

Virbac’s introduction into the local market dates back to the eighties when local companies started distributing their products. In 1999 one of the local distributors, Logos Agvet was acquired and Virbac South Africa was formed.

Virbac South Africa has currently 122 employees. Amongst them are 30 technical marketing advisers (whose task it is to provide a service to vets, agricultural businesses and consumers in the different production sectors). This includes livestock, poultry and pig producers, feedlots and the developing market.

Additionally, there are five veterinarians who are involved with research and development, technical support and product management.

Virbac’s services include intensive research on animal diseases and other animal health problems, as well as the manufacture of products for the control and curing of such diseases.

The Main objective of the company is to cater for the needs of the producer and the veterinarian. This is why we are always prepared to listen to the client.

The wide product range is aimed at every aspect of the animal health market and includes anthelmintics, ectoparasiticides, vaccines, antibiotics, products to improve reproduction, dermatological products, feed supplements and even animal hygiene products. Some of the products, which are very well known by the farmers is the oral drench Prodose range, the injectable endectocide Virbamec and Virbamec LA, the pour-on products namely Amipor and Stopatik as well as Equimax, which is a product which controls parasites in horses. Virbac is continually involved in the technical training of veterinarians and consumers using the newest research results, information and the use of products for the control of animal diseases. Virbac remains “Your Partner in Animal Health”