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Twin Series Angling

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Twin Series products are the front runners in die market and our products are being used across the country by successful anglers, and is a product set that will excite any angler.

Twin series was founder by a group of well known fresh water anglers, namely:

GP Nel
Jumbo Willemse
Riaan (Spike) Joubert
Johan de Klerk

Between the four of them they have 107 years of local competitive, and 37 years of international, competitive angling experience. The World Championship Medal has been placed around their necks at least three times, if not more.

The range of products found its existence in years of intense research combined with years of experience. The Twin Series Products catch fish, not anglers.

Every product that Twin Series has developed has been tested by top SA anglers as well as national anglers abroad prior to the product being available to the angling public, ensuring that the product is then accepted as “The Real McCoy”, which guarantees anglers an advanced product that works and produces results.

All of the Twin Series products and related recipes are owned by Twin Series. No public person or business has access to any of the Twin Series Products or recipes, that have been unique for years. This ensures that the quality of the product stays constant and it can be used with confidence.

We at Twin Series firmly believe in sharing our knowledge and “How-to’s” with you our trusted supporters.

Within the Twin Series stable we also carry the range of Super MG Baits and Dips. We are busy with some rebranding of the Super MG products to show its relationship to Twin Series as a sub product range of Twin Series, and you will see this in angling stores near you soon.

Twin Series does not supply directly to the public, we make use of trusted providers and suppliers to take our product to market. This link will take to straight to the page where all the Twinseries providers are listed:

Twin Series Angling Podcast (03:35)