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Established in 1987 to satisfy the growing need for information technology solutions in the South African market, Mustek is one of the most respected, well-known names in today’s technology landscape. For as long as Mustek has been in operation it has been committed to an indirect business model, supporting a passionate customer base of resellers who in turn supply the products it manufactures and distributes to all parts of the consumer, business and public sector market. Mustek’s product portfolio has been built in such a way that it caters for every possible technology need.

This means the company is able to address every level of the technology stack, cater for the variety of specialist vertical needs in the market and offer its customers the ability to choose between platforms that are locally manufactured to its clients’ exact specifications, or leading international solutions with a proven track record. Mustek’s go-to-market strategy is focused on it being the easiest technology organisation to do business with on the African continent. This shines through in its commitment to superior local stockholding in all major business centres in the country; its in-house management of warranties and repairs; its door-to-door delivery and logistics service; the subject matter experts it has in place for each product and technology it represents and the high-level of technical support it has on tap through its research and development division.