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Help-U Debt

Help-U Debt provides debt counselling, which provides the opportunity to relieve debt and provide for the families of individuals. It also reduces the installments of the creditors and offers the opportunity of paying one installment monthly, into one account, for all the debt, with the added bonus of receiving statements every month for monitoring purposes.

Administration is a remedy to cancel legal action plus remove and reduce garnishee orders on payslips. We also consult in the privacy and comfort of your own home nationwide. Terms and Conditions apply.

Each member of our team fulfils an important & unique role in the company. Team members complete the official Debt Counselling COURSE and regular in-house training sessions are held to ensure that every process is handled thoroughly & effectively. Team members complete the official Debt Counselling to ensure they’re fully qualified to handle all matters related to Debt Counselling. Our team is skilled, professional and effective in fulfilling their respective roles, delivering excellent service.