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Coco C

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We put forward to you a continuous study of chocolate as seen through the eyes of Coco C Restaurant & Chocolatier.


Haute Cuisine transformed by the mystical powers of Cacao.
Every dish, savoury or sweet has been designed to offer a new tasting experience with every tantalizing bite,
taking your taste buds on an adventure to explore new sensations and unexpected delights.

Coco C’s Origin

Her belief that life is a celebration compelled Sofia Augousti, the owner, to create Coco C Restaurant and Chocolatier. She wanted to combine reality and fantasy, creating a destination where the imagined can be experienced through all your senses.

Inspired by the movie, Chocolat, Sofia created a restaurant where the food is magically transformed by the mystical powers of the cacao bean. A dreamlike atmosphere was created with flair and passion to embody her vision of a place where all the emotions of splendour, lust and love entwine, where one could celebrate the essence of living.