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As a company of the Paracon Group, allaboutXpert are thought leaders in project management capability. We do this by helping clients with project management and project office technology solutions, human skills development, staffing and best practice consulting services.

We take the why and the how of project management to new heights. From simple project processes to massive enterprise-wide systems designed to collate and simplify the complexity of billion Rand programmes – we never stop driving innovation into the project management space.

Our name and logo are proud reflections of our history: The union of two complementary businesses which combines innovative knowledge and practices with the cutting edge of enterprise system design for project management. We bring compelling performance in project and related competency training, refined to specific local market needs with international accreditation.

Again and again we have proven how tight project disciplines create the chance for real growth in a business. The maths is simple – innovation and growth do not have to remain text-book concepts used in marketing brochures. We accompany you every step of the way and you will join a group of blue-chip, JSE-listed clients accessing our products and services, our support functions, our resourcing business and our training capacity on a daily basis.

We are strategically positioned and committed to working with various industry partners to meet technology objectives. We have forged relationships with a variety of blue chip industries including the financial, information technology, telecommunications and retail industries.

Our people are the source of our intellectual property and we are devoted to personal development and up-skilling. We offer the promise of a brand brought to life by people whose devotion to the passion of project management disciplines totals more than a thousand years:

We understand the complexities of today’s business world;
We continue to create simple, straightforward and cost effective solutions for our clients;
We aim and work towards being ahead of our competitors;
We provide superior solutions to client needs, even before they realise that they need them, and;
We offer a full portfolio of project management solutions to enhance our clients profit in the marketplace.