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Agri Onderdele | Bethlehem

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Agri Onderdele was founded in 1986 as a supplier of second hand Massey Ferguson parts to the South African farming industry, trading as Safari Onderdele.

Soon thereafter they started sourcing alternative parts for Massey Ferguson tractors from various overseas suppliers.

As the ranges of these suppliers expanded into Ford tractors, the same parts also became part of the business’ range.

Due to the huge potential to grow market share for these parts that existed at the time, the business established themselves very quickly as one of the leading suppliers of alternative parts in South Africa.

Massey Ferguson, part of Boeresake at the time, also approved an account to Safari Onderdele which enabled them to sell OEM parts to dealers; a significant development to establish long term sustainability for the business.

In 2001 access to Massey was cancelled when Barloworld took over the franchise from Boeresake. This was a setback and although parts were still purchased through Massey dealers, access to relevant information impacted severely on service levels and margins.

In 2002 Safari Onderdele merged with Werlie Onderdele, a company trading in the same commodities and established in 1996 by the founding member of Safari Onderdele, Jan van der Walt.

This strategic decision improved the position of the newly founded Agri-Onderele in terms of turnover, ranges, efficiencies, product knowledge, economies of scale and ultimately, margin and profitability.

In 2003 the company became a 100% subsidiary of AFGRI.

Soon hereafter the company has been awarded the Top 10 Dealer Award by Perkins in South Africa, an achievement that was maintained ever since.

Despite various challenges during the years leading to 2009, Agri-Onderdele remained profitable but in recent years the consistent achievement of similar results, highlighted the necessity of a new strategy in order to grow the business and ensure long-term sustainability for the company.