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<p>A recall notice states the Italian car maker’s F458 Italia and F458 Spider models suffer from a fault that means the “secondary latch” in the boot, located at the front of the &pound;200000 (about R3.65-million) cars, will not release when the vehicle has stopped.</p>

<p>Ferrari said this means that “in the event an individual is trapped in the trunk and the latch system does not release the trunk lid, it increases the risk of personal injury or possibly death”.</p>

<p>In the US, where the notice was released, cars must have a working latch in the boot in case a person becomes trapped. Ferrari has urged owners to take their cars to a dealer for a free repair.</p>

<p>The fault with Ferrari’ s cars only occurs when they are stationary. So, anyone trapped inside should presumably wait until the cars, with a top speed of more than 320km/h, are moving.</p>

<p>Source: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>The Times</a></p>

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