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You have the venue and the dress you now need to get ready for your big day. This is the day that you want to look your best in every aspect of the word. You will definitely spend a few Rands on beauty treatments. The question is where to start.

I’ll say start at your hair treatment, because hair can take some time to look good. If your hair is damaged it is good to start with a few hair masks. You can get them at your hairdresser. She will probably be able to tell you what you need to do for your specific kind of hair. Hair is one of the first things people will see, because your dad will remove your vail and the emphasis will be on your hair. Healthy hair will make it easy for you to almost have any hairstyle you can think of for the big day.

The second thing you should start thinking about is your skin. Skin is one of the things that will automatically come right with contraception pills, but not in all cases. It is good to get a product that works for you skin and stick to this specific product. Skin is very sensitive and should be handled with care. Skin treatment for me is one of the things I don’t just do for my big day; I see it as an investment for my old age. You should spend money on your skin; it is the one organ everybody sees.

After you have all the above, it’s good to start looking for a good make-up artist or maybe ask one of your bridesmaids to go on a make-up course to help on the big day. Make-up is one of things I personally think should be natural on big occasions, because the photos will last forever. Go for a test and see what looks good on your face. Watch a few YouTube Videos for inspiration. Experiment with ideas.

If you have that sorted you are almost set for you big day. Hair removal is one of the biggest beauty treatments ladies think about when getting married. You will have to decide what will work for you, waxing, laser hair removal or just shaving. If waxing and laser is one of the options you are interested in. You will have to start with the treatment a few months before the wedding. You will have to talk to a beauticianist to get more information about the types of products available. Part of the hair removal treatment is also getting rid of hair down there; you will have to be careful, because the skin is sensitive. Do not apply anything in areas if you are not sure the product was tested and given to you by a professional.

I think that is the most important beauty treatments you will have to worry about. It sounds like a few, but when you start you will realise that it becomes more than just a treatment, it will have to become a habit or a life style for you to get the effect you’ll need for your big day.

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