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Accommodation and travel go hand in hand, whether the purpose of travelling is for business or leisure. Budget, location, facilities available and level of comfort and luxury required by the traveller all come into play when choosing accommodation. There are many different types of accommodation options to consider as well. Hotels, guest houses or B&B’s, self-catering chalets, even caravans or tents all offer a different experience while travelling.

Probably the most important aspect any traveller needs to consider is the price range of accommodation. A luxury, five-star hotel will obviously be much more expensive than a simple B&B. However, it may include many tangible and intangible benefits that more affordable accommodation would not, including breakfast and or/dinner, expensive toiletries in bathrooms, tea- and coffee-making facilities in rooms, room service, privacy, a spectacular view and safe parking.

Location is another vital point to consider, especially for business travellers. Being close to the venue where meetings will be conducted, or a conference attended, would obviously be preferable to staying far away from the venue and having to negotiate rush hour traffic in an unfamiliar city. Leisure travellers, on the other hand, might prefer accommodation with a nice view, close to the beach or as far away from the town or city’s business district as possible.

The facilities offered by different places of accommodation may differ vastly and travellers may regard these facilities with varying degrees of importance. Business travellers, for example, may require a hotel or guesthouse to have Wi-Fi access, a business centre with fax and Internet facilities, and a desk in their room where they can work. Leisure travellers may prefer facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts or even a golf course.

The level of comfort or luxury required by a traveller is closely associated with the price range of an accommodation establishment. The more luxurious and comfortable a room, the more expensive it is likely to be.

With regard to the types of accommodation offered, business travellers tend to prefer hotels over B&B’s. Hotels offer a fairly impersonal, standardised experience, with most offering parking, breakfast and some satellite television channels. Offering an impersonal service is not necessarily a bad thing. Many travellers, especially business travellers, do not necessarily want to engage with the staff or other guests and prefer to be left alone.

Guesthouses or B&B’s are smaller establishments, which offer a more personal accommodation experience. It might not have all the facilities of a big hotel, but usually there will be a lot more interaction between guesthouse staff and guests. B&B’s are often nothing more than a few rooms in someone’s home and it offers travellers, especially those travelling to foreign countries, the experience of “staying at a home away from home”.

Self-catering chalets, caravans and camping are popular choices for families travelling with children, or those seeking a more adventurous accommodation option. These types of accommodation allow for a lot more freedom with regard to meal times and entertaining other guests. It is usually also a much cheaper option and therefore one often the first choice of families with children.

For every traveller, there is a place of accommodation just right for him or her. It is simply a matter of doing the research, establishing which aspects are most important and finding the right option.

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